articles published in 2001

Teaching Students at Risk

by Jeffrey Berman — February 17

The Uses of Paradox: Brain Function and the Arts

by Garry Kennard — February 14

Gazes, Fires, and Brain-Body Repair in Brontë's Jane Eyre

by Nina Pelikan Straus — January 1

The Neurosciences and the Arts

by Norman N. Holland — January 1

Of Time, Narrative, and Cast Away

by Douglas H. Ingram — September 27

"Somnambulism. A Fragment"

by Steven Hamelman — September 7

Metaphor and Psychoanalysis: Introduction

by Burton Melnick — December 1

Metaphor and Psychoanalysis: Cognitive Linguistics

by George Lakoff — December 1

Metaphor and Psychoanalysis: Containers, Mental Space, and Psychodynamics

by Bent Rosenbaum and David Garfield — December 1