articles published in 2012

MALAISE, mal-ętre, ma lettre

by Robert Silhol — April 24

Freud Reads A Village Childhood

by Rita S. Kipp — July 18

Neurosis and Recovery in Margaret Drabble's The Waterfall

by Sherry Lutz Zivley — August 30

The Bride of Melancholia

by Andrew Gordon — September 7

Your Brain on Movies

by Norman N. Holland — September 7

Franz Kafka's Betrachtung as an Expression of Altered States

by James S. Whitlark — September 21

Hamlet's Big Toe?

by Norman N. Holland — October 17

Igbo Philosophy of Life and psychological Parameters of Individual Wholeness

by Sohila Faghfori and Esmaeil Zohdi — December 4

Unconscious ambiguities in King Lear

by Robert Silhol — December 24