articles published in 2011

Are Women Really Focalized?

by Katalin Bálint — March 15

The non-duality of self-expression

by Ellen Trezevant — March 19

Giving Birth to Ourselves

by Zsófia Székely — April 24

Situating the "Real," Discovering Desire

by Lesley Marks — July 9

Chopin's "The Awakening": A Semiotic Novel

by Rosemary F. Franklin — August 17

Trauma and Narration in David Cronenberg's Spider

by Claudia Liebrand — August 19

A matter of shared knowledge

by Alessio Nencini — September 12

Jacques Lacan, Imperial Music Master?

by Susan Hathaway Boydston — November 18

'I am I': A Lacanian Analysis of Richard III

by Aisling Hearns — November 30