articles published in 2006

"Kubla Khan": Genesis of an Archetype

by Robert Silhol — January 1

Getting the ‘h’ out of Jo(h)nson

by William Donoghue — January 1

R.D. Laing’s Language of Experience

by Gavin Miller — December 3

Style, Identity, Free Association, and the Brain

by Norman N. Holland — August 27

Narratives of Disorder - Disorders of Narrative

by Bent Sřrensen — August 27

Perspectivism — A Powerful Cognitive Metaphor

by David J. Gordon — August 10

Dr. C. G. Jung Visits The House of Mirth

by Ali H. Abureesh — August 1

Metaphor and Psychoanalysis: Metaphor and the Violent Act

by Donald Campbell and Henrik Enckell — August 12